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I've worked with Jack now for some time, and I am very happy with the designs he has created for my company, and the professional and friendly service he provides. Jack has re-designed all of my company brochures / paperwork and my new website. I would definitely recommend Jack.

Tracey Stones

I love that Jack is a real expert in UX-led design, but he's also brilliant at getting to know his clients and their businesses. He has the ideal combination of qualities - he's naturally relaxed and flexible, as well as thorough and professional. Once you've found him, you won't want to let him go!

Hayley Porri
Head of Comms at River

Jack is excellent to work with. He understands requirements and proactively challenges assumptions with new approaches. His work is of superb quality and always impresses. Jack has a positive attitude and excellent abilities.

Gary Atkin
Head of Software at Neon Agency 

“Dyer” by name, but assuredly not by nature! Jack is diligent, hard-working and has an understanding of the challenges that come with designing within the digital domain. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Jack as a valuable UX design specialist.

Edryd Sharp
Design Director of RantMedia

I'm truly grateful for all the incredible work Jack does. It's top notch. Thanks to Jack, we are way more customer centric than we've ever been. And his hard work has a positive, never-ending ripple effect as more around us embrace customer centricity. So once again, thanks Jack for being awesome.

Jamie Cole

Jack is a very talented designer, one of the best I have worked with. He achieves user-centric designs by UX testing and research throughout the project lifecycle; he would be an asset to any project.

Jack Tuck
Developer at Frames 

Jack is an ambitious, friendly and very caring person. His thirst for knowledge has helped him refine his strong creative instinct and evolve into a confident, passionate designer with a keen eye for detail.

Fritha Brewin

Jack is a versatile, dedicated and enthusiastic designer who has contributed significantly to some of River's most important client projects. He's always positive and a pleasure to work alongside. 

Phil Dunk
CEO of River Agency

Jack has a passion for UX design and has a pixel-perfect eye for detail. He goes into firm detail about his target audience and delivers this towards his work. He's also a very caring person who will help with any problem.

Gemma Helyer
UI Designer at BOX UK 

Jack's a thorough, enthusiastic designer who cares deeply about the user and their needs. With micro-interactions and points-of-joy to make a product lovable, he uses the latest approaches to ensure his work is cutting-edge.

Matt O'Keefe
Lead Designer at SONOVATE 

Jack has become our go-to guy for UX design to help us better understand our users. What really makes Jack great to work with is his understanding of what is important to the business context. This allows him to remain pragmatic and flexible. I would recommend Jack without hesitation!

James Flight
Lead Developer at Sail Homes

Jack is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He's helped me to understand how to view something from a user's perspective, and really knows how to make high quality, user-friendly designs. A+, would wholeheartedly recommend!

Christopher Cox
Developer at Wealthify

Working with Jack was a pleasure. From our first conversation he demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm, passion and understanding for the industry. His upbeat personality and design flair means he'll go far.

Becky Lloyd
Consultant at Yolk 

Jack is a pleasure to work with; considering his experience and service, he's the first person I suggest when it comes to design. He really enjoys what he does and that passion shines through the finished result. Highly recommend!

Natalie Jones
Manager of Authentic Living

Jack designed our mobile apps and websites. He truly has a passion for research-led design and his keen user testing observations highlighted key improvements for our products.

Michael Venn
Founder of CrugoTagstr

Jack designed a poster for a small music festival I'm organising. Within 24 hours his poster had generated eight new stalls! Would thoroughly recommend.

Harry Ives
District Counsellor at Forest of Dean District Council

Jack has done some fantastic design and development work for a demanding client and the end results have been well received.

Jamie Benedict
Account Director at Neon Agency

Jack provides a friendly, relaxed professionalism in all of the work he does and is extremely reliable. His designs are still in use by the company today and have stood the test of time even after several system revisions. Jack comes highly recommended.

Thomas Wood
Financial Administrator at Legal & General

Jack and I have collaborated on a few different projects over the last few years. He's efficient in his work and communication making him easy to work with. No doubt we'll work together again in the future!

Ant Parsons
Owner of Primebox

Jack is great to work with. He takes time to fully understand the market you aim to reach and how you want your website to look. He makes really good suggestions and has superb technical knowledge. Working with Jack has been a breath of fresh air!

Sarah John

So what is 'UX' Design?

User Experience Design is the science of making products beautiful, usable and loveable. It's about solving problems with the best solutions for the website's target audience.

Identify your users problems, so you can effectively solve them

The problem

The customer can’t understand your website or see how to contact you, and looks elsewhere.

Create a solution only once you know what your users are struggling withCreate a solution only once you know what your users are struggling with

The solution

Your designer creates a user-friendly website that forms a connection with users, turning them into customers.

Enjoy happy users and returning customers once you've solved their problems!

The result

The design has solved your problem: made customers aware of you and made it easy to contact you.

How is a 'UX' Designer different from a web designer?

The term 'User Experience' or 'UX' has been thrown around a lot in the last few years, with very few people actually knowing what it truly means. Here's what you can expect from a UX Designer, and how it differs to your traditional web designer.

The creative process is iterative, you do research then design, develop, test and repeat

Personas & Research

Before designing can begin it's vital that your designer understands your business, your goals, and what your users want. That last one is the most important. Businesses often think they know what their users want without the appropriate design research. As success nowadays often hinges on the user experience, this step cannot be overlooked.

It involves creating personas for your users. It's impossible to please everyone, so creating a persona of several similar user groups you wish to target is the best way to please most of them.

Wireframes on paper are the backbone of any successful website - it shows the designer has thought about their work before starting


This is a rough guide for the layout of a website or app, and what most UX Designers are widely known for. The truth is, there's so much more than just drawings!

Generally starting on paper to get quick and simple ideas down without getting attached to them, here we're looking for quantity. We can then sift through and refine, then turn the more promising ideas into digital wireframes.

Interactive prototypes are key to getting real, live user feedback throughout the process

Interactive Prototypes

Following on from the initial paper wireframes, here we can refine further and arrange the layout of elements by importance and relevance to the user.

These static digital wireframes then become interactive prototypes that anyone can click through, to get an idea of the flow of the site - how the user will navigate around and get from A to B.

If it all goes wrong and you set fire to your slinky, don't worry. User Testing can help get you back on track

Ongoing Usability Testing

It's not enough to release a website into the wild and assume it's gonna be fine. You need to continually measure it's performance and see how well it's doing. If it's not performing as expected, you can rethink and improve, to gain more customers and make more profit. You don't want to risk your website being a disaster.

If it's performing adequately, you can run user tests and see why it isn't doing better. From this research, your UX designer can improve the site based on real customers desires and needs.

And finally...

No 'About' page worth its salt would avoid the obligatory 'famous person quote'. So here's it is. As Steve Jobs said, "Design isn't just how it looks or feels. Design is how it works". If you want a project to reach it's maximum potential, then the pay for a professional with (years of experience) to do that for you suddenly doesn't seem like such a stretch.

However, every professional needs a hobby. Here's mine:

I also play steel drums in a local Gloucestershire band. You can enjoy the songs on Youtube or hire us for any gig, any size, big or small. Pandemonium Steel Band is always happy to perform, so get in touch!

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