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UX on a big project

We project manage and deliver on a large scale. Let's get started:

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Got a large project that needs refining?

If you've got an existing project that isn't doing as well with customers as it should be, you need some UX TLC. It might be pretty, but does it do what your users need?

Don't assume your users are like you

One of the biggest issues with existing products is that people assume all users to like what they like. "I like it, so my users will like it too". This attitude makes sense, but the reality is just not true. You need to identify your target market and design for them, their needs and solve their problems. User Experience is about crafting personas based on real users, empathising, then improving the experience for those groups of people.

Don't be satisfied with OK.
Give your product the best User Experience possible.

Even though it looks and works alright, here's what your project may be missing:


Your product needs to solve a specific need for the customer. Do you know what your customers need, and does your product provide it for them?

No learning curve

If a site feels intuitive and easy to use, you love it. Understand what interactions your users are familiar with and your website will flourish.

The 'wow' factor

Perhaps your product is satisfactory but it doesn't 'wow' people. What's stopping it from performing at its best? Give your customers the wow factor with an improved UX.


The designer understands the system and needs make the system understandable


The system must have a mental model the user understands

The User

The user is familiar with how other systems work, and will apply that knowledge here

Enough talk. Let's see an example:

The global social sharing platform Tagstr needed a strong, coherent brand on multiple devices

This meant a fully responsive website, as well as the mobile and tablet apps that embodied the style of the brand. Try scrolling on the laptop and mobile.

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Let's make your design problems disappear:

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