Your brand is how you're presented to the world - and that's pretty damn important! So we take it seriously here and will always work with you to produce the best brand we can.

Is branding a design decision?

It's a key decision that needs to be made with the most important stakeholders in your business. Your brand incorporates everything you do, including (but not limited to):

  • How you interact with customers
  • The tone of voice you use (e.g. professional, friendly)
  • Your visual identity (including all marketing and advertising materials, website, billboards, print material)
  • Your goals and business aims
  • Your logo and tagline

It's vital to make sure that all of these elements are consistent and in agreement with each other. That's why you never see companies using multiple brand designers - as they'd produce conflicting ideas and visuals, leading to confusion and bafflement in the public eye.

I've got a brand already

That's fantastic, because we excel at enhancing your existing brand! If you really want customers to take notice of you over the competition, you need something as bold and striking as the Nike tick. It's universally known and while sales between Adidas and Nike might be close, both have that winning formula in how they present themselves to the world. Consistently. 

Another prime example is Jaguar Land Rover. At every interaction with the customers in sales, aftersales, customer service, maintenance and marketing, they exude sleek professionalism. Hire someone with a history of brand design such as THEUXDESIGNER, and you'll be attracting more of your favourite customers in no time.

Let's work together