Iterative Design

We don't just do one design, then we're done. Oh, no. Design is a continually evolving and collaborative effort. We work with you to ensure we produce the best possible design for your needs. You can always track the progress of design and development on a unique development URL, ensuring you're happy with it as it progresses and providing feedback when possible.

We then take your feedback, prioritise it so you get the most important changes first, and iterate on the existing design until you're happy.

So you're pretty agile, right?

A lot of people think 'agile' is just a verb for quick, flexible and dexterous. However in software development and design, it's a noun for the way we work. The Agile methodology is an iterative process that provides useful, usable features week after week. Previously, companies would often spend 2 months on a project only for it to be wrong or outdated by the time it goes live. Agile design means you get something useful every week, and the following week it's improved upon. This continues weekly so that by the end of the 2 months, you've got everything you originally asked for, and it's up-to-date. The designers and developers work closely with the client to understand and produce exactly what the client needs.

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