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You know what it's like. You need to buy a product or service, so the first thing you do is go to Google and type 'Product near me'. Or if you know the name of the business someone has recommended, you type them into the internet. At this point, if the company doesn't show up on Google and all you have is a Facebook page to look at, you might start to question:

'Is this really the company I want to buy from?'
'Can I trust them?'

Websites are so important for giving your business a legitimate credibility. Any company without one tends to suffer compared to direct competitors. In today's throwaway society, first, second and third impressions all count. With a website designed by us, we guarantee that you give great impressions on all counts.

First impression

Trustworthiness, curiosity and interest. Without these, your visitor will hit that back button. Just having a website is a great start towards these, but it also needs to be beautiful and functional.

Second impression

Liking the looks, how easy the website is to use, and can I find out what I need? Your website needs to be usable as well as pretty. If it's ugly, people bounce. If it doesn't work properly, people bounce. If it's not the right screen size or resolution, people bounce.

Third impression

Would I recommend this website to my friends? Does it promote the company as reliable? A website that's beautiful, functional and provides what you need to establish a trust with the company is vital. You may not think a simple website can do so much on an emotional level, but these visceral emotions are all things people draw on when deciding who to use for their needs.

And you can do all this?

We don't let a website go live unless it ticks all of these boxes. A website has to be elegant, build trust and be informative. Most of all, it has to help users meet their goals. So if your goal is to get in touch with a company, there needs to be an easy and obvious way to find the 'Contact' page, for example. If your goal is to purchase something from an eCommerce website, we make sure the path from the homepage to the checkout is clear and intuitive.

A website is the public-face of the company itself, so it needs to represent the core values that make the company trusted by customers. Your users are potential customers, so don't disappoint them. Get in touch with THEUXDESIGNER today, and we can start building relationships with you and your future customers.

We do much more than make something look good. Our websites connect to users on an emotional level.

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