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Bespoke Hosting

Hosting your website is like finding the land to build your house on. You can't have a house without a solid foundation, and having reliable and trustworthy servers to host your website on is an absolute must for us. So as a result, we only want the best hosting for you too.

If you have an informational website, Standard Hosting should be enough. If you need to regularly update your website’s content, you’ll need CMS Hosting.

Standard Hosting

Costs £180, which is due annually. Here’s what you get for that:

Amazon’s Content Delivery Network

This loads the website from the server nearest to the person viewing it. The result is a super fast website.

Enterprise-grade Security

Your website is protected by industry-standard security, is constantly monitored against threats and is guaranteed to be online and working 99.99% of the time.

Backups and Instant Bug Fixes

We're constantly updating, improving, and bug-fixing — and you'll instantly and painlessly benefit from every update, without doing a thing. We also save backups.

If you need to update website content (text or images), a nominal fee will be charged for any website updates. See our Terms and Conditions for details

Content Management System Hosting

Costs £240, which is due annually. You get all the standard hosting benefits, plus:

  • You don't have to go to your web developer any time you want to add or change anything on your website, which means there's no additional cost
  • You have total autonomy to manage things yourself, any time, from anywhere on the planet.
  • You or your team can edit things, and you can collaborate together to produce the site you want - even adding new pages.

If you choose to host the website with the Content Management System, you will be able to change website content like text and images yourself, free of charge. There will be no maintenance fee.

This is the best option for most businesses if you have the time to manage the website and regularly update it. If you don’t have time to manage the website and would prefer someone else make updates for you, standard hosting is the better option.

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