Codepen Examples is a fantastic tool for testing features and writing little segments of code to see if they work. It allows you to validate ideas with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ensuring they're the best fit for your needs. Then you can simply export the code and use it in your own website.

At THEUXDESIGNER, we regularly use Codepen to try new things and experiment with exciting ideas. Whilst keeping up with current trends, it's vital to continually learn how to do things so you're not left behind. Using Codepen helps with this.

How will it benefit my website?

If we're testing something out and you're curious to see how it works, we can pop it on Codepen and send you the link. You'll be able to interact with it just like users would on your website, meaning you can get a firsthand glimpse of the interaction and the code that powers it. It's often hard to imagine how something will work from a picture alone. Getting stuck in and using the feature is the best way to understand how it will work for your users.

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