Web Development

Web development is the process of building a website from designs, so anyone across the globe can use it. It's like building a house: You have the design blueprints, then the house gets built.

If you want a fantastic house you have to deal with solicitors, architects, contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, flooring specialists and interior designers. That makes sense; a house is pretty big and requires many varied specialist areas. But why should you have to do that with a website?

The answer is, you don't. Not with us.

Developing a website shouldn't be a hassle

We know you don't want to go to multiple people to create a website. For a start, just finding the right designer, developer, tester and UX specialist means getting quotes from at least 4 people; putting your website cost into several thousands. You don't want that, and we don't want you to go through that!

THEUXDESIGNER is a specialist in User Experience, meaning we know how to make everything top-notch. Everything. This includes the design phase, cross-browser tested and responsive development, followed by bespoke hosting and regular testing and UX support. As a result you get two huge benefits from working with us:

  • Everything's in one place. All the knowledge you need to produce an outstanding website that 'wow's customers, without the faff of dealing with multiple people
  • Everything's 4x less expensive. Dealing with so many specialists means so many more costs. Why not deal with just one, who specialises in all the areas you need?
  • We're in the UK, we're local, and we're always available to help. If you worked with someone in America you aren't guaranteed any support when you need it most. With us, you are.

Testing and bug fixes

We always ensure our code is up to industry-standards, and working on 99% of devices. Thorough testing is vital so that everyone gets the same user experience. And with us, you can be guaranteed that it's an experience of interest and enjoyment.

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