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App Design Tagstr

UI: Designing for Tagstr

Tagstr is a global content sharing platform available on the App Store. My roles as UI & UX Designer were to create new screens and improve the design of the existing screens. I also conducted vast amount of self-initiated User Research, to identify where the app wasn't performing as well as it could.

© Tagstr 2015

UX: User & Usability Testing Tagstr

Conducting Usability tests involved creating a precise list of targeted tasks for the users (who had never seen the app before) to complete. I was able to identify how long they hesitated to complete each task, which tasks were intuitive and which needed reworking. As a result of my testing, users remained in the app longer, enjoyed themselves more and we saw a vast increase in signups.

© Tagstr 2015

A/B Testing and Persona Creation

One of the most influential tools in my UX arsenal for Tagstr was remote usability testing. I conducted click & flow tests (identifying where users think to click to complete an action), preference tests and time tests. All of these increased user enjoyment - meaning they not only posted more content but also shared the app with their friends more (especially after I improved the UX for sharing). We introduced a map view after it became apparent through testing that users needed it.

© Tagstr 2015


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