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Microsoft Inspire

The Initial Wireframes

The initial stages of a pitch project for a digital agency working with Microsoft, this was for their new incentive platform. Its aim: To inspire employees to reach sales targets with incentive trips, a rewards catalogue where points can be redeemed and interactive multimedia elements such as games and quizzes.

I like to sketch out ideas to begin with - paper is more intimate than boxes on a screen and allows for more creativity early on.

Non-Clickable Prototypes

The design requirements were only for pitch level at this stage, so clickable interactive prototypes weren't necessary. I created low-fidelity mockups based on the paper wireframes and tested with example users online, asking basic questions such as "What do you think X module does?"

Once my design assumptions has been validated by brief testing, I was able to move onto a design I could be fairly confident would be successful post-pitch.

The Final Design

This being only at pitch stage, it was nowhere near a working site. However, it had to be as polished as possible to pass the pitch. The site included a full selection of marketing emailers, quizzes, interactive scratchcards and even an app design (as well as scope for a responsive site). 

You can see the whole damn lot here. Take a look, I'm quite proud of this one too!


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