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Sail Homes

We've designed the branding and systems for this incredibly dedicated, sleek and efficient team for today's home-sellers.



Branding, web design and development, and leaflets


Estate Agency




Working with a dedicated team of professionals in Bristol has been fantastic for the last 5 years. And when they told us they're setting up a new company called Sail Homes, we jumped at the opportunity to create their branding from the ground up. Jamie wanted something ultra modern and clean, that would also appeal to the older generation and be as user-friendly as possible. Fortunately, that's our specialty!

The Sail brand was born. This includes:

  • Sail Homes - the revolutionary new estate agent for chain-free homes
  • Sail Legal - the conveyancing and solicitors for the property sales
  • Sail Probate - the probate service that handles deceased estates

The entire brand matches using our skillsets acquired over a decade of branding and design, and we'd be happy to create the same result for your company.


Sail Homes embodies efficiency in everything they do. Their USP is to sell houses faster for the seller than any other estate agent - WITHOUT rushing the sales and without compromising on quality. They find the buyer the seller wants, and that might not be just the one with the highest price. It could be the buyer who offers a bit less, but can complete in half the time, and Sail is there every step of the way.

The website design reflects that - it's clean and useful, letting buyers and sellers alike see the merits of being with Sail. And we're glad to create a consistent brand for the Sail  team.

Quote from the Client:

"I'm truly grateful for all the incredible work Jack does. It's top notch. His hard work has a positive, never-ending ripple effect as more around us embrace customer centricity."

We're currently taking on new clients!

Let's make your design problems disappear:

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