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This is a visual representation of the ship Serenity from the cult hit TV show Firefly. The ship is constructed of the lyrics to the TV show's main theme, and is a poignant but beautiful reminder of the show that touched the hearts of millions.

Created vertically, then tilted. Didn't create it at an angle; I'm not a wizard.

Game of Thrones

A shield forged from this excellent quote by Tirion Lannister. It reminds you to always value yourself for who you are, and never lose sight of it despite adversity.

Using photoshop and a keyboard to type, a computer to type on and a desk to hold the computer and keyboard I typed on.

Cephalopods & Deloreans

A small project that sadly didn't come to fruition, this was a brief branding piece for the collective typography I created. It was very fun to make though, and the simplistic style reflects what I do now; make things look simple on the surface, but have a deep level of design complexity and psychology underneath.


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