Usability Testing

Remote Usability Tests are a conclusive and data-driven way to find out if your website is truly as good as it could be. This involves crafting a task list for users to complete and watching video recordings of them interacting with your product. Whether that's an app or website, on a desktop or mobile. The UX specialist will then

What do User Tests involve?

First we need to identify your goals, and what you expect users to do. For example, if your goal is for them to hit that big 'BUY' button, we can test the following things:

  • How they get from the homepage to purchasing a product
  • Which journeys they take through the website, and if they go the route you expect.
  • What confuses or hinders them at different stages of their journey
  • What makes them sure/unsure if they can trust your website, before making a purchase
  • Why they're choosing your website instead of a competitors

How designers often react to usability tests
"Why aren't you clicking there?! It's obvious! - The usual reaction designers have to seeing a user test

The real results come from observations

If your UX specialist can get someone to use the website and vocalise their thoughts, you'll see pure results that are nearly 100% accurate. The test participants will need to understand that you're not testing them - you're testing the product. That's a key distinction to make and if this isn't handled in the right way, it can again produce biased results from the start.

The best results come from observing and recording someone using the website. You'll often find the users do things you don't expect, and get frustrated with the results. This shows that not everyone is like you when it comes to how they use your website. In order for your website to be more successful, it's important to account for people who think differently to yourself.

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