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Getting an external UX specialist in to either test your existing user flows or design new ones, is always beneficial. If your team who use your website every day are tasked with creating user flows, they'll have an excellent product knowledge but may not empathise with users in the way users want to use your site. Your mental model of the system is biased by familiarity, simply because you use the system every day. It's vital to ensure a new user can navigate to where they need to go intuitively (and most importantly without needing a tutorial).

Where are your users tripping up?

Without properly planning how a user moves around your website, you might find people get to the page they're looking for in a very long-winded way. Or worse, some users might not be able to achieve their goals at all. At THEUXDESIGNER, we use a simple traffic light system when testing user flows:

  • RED: User failed to complete an action completely, and couldn't reach their goal.
  • YELLOW: User was able to complete an action, but it took more than 10 seconds on one page to find the right place to click
  • GREEN: No problems using that part of the site. User found it straightforward and intuitive.

The user flow report will break down all parts of the journey the users can take around your site. We can identify where you want them to go and where they actually go with User Testing. Getting UX input on your user journeys is a good start towards a better UX for your site. If your design and development teams want the best for your users (as the management should too, because happy users mean money), ask us about user flows and journey mapping. We'll work together to make it easier for your users to meet their goals, and hopefully prevent them getting lost in a maze of pages like this.

It should be easy for your users to reach their goal on your site. Source: http://bit.ly/2oA5wyl

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